Kim Kardashin plays trumpet for some friendly ducks

It’s not a trumpet…it’s a fucking saxophone

listen darling……. I was in a jazz orchestra for 19 years I think I know a trompet when I see one ok sweaty?

I’m in band right now and that is a saxophone….“Darling”

ROFLMAO alright whatever you say pumpkin pie I’m sure you, the ever important triangle dinger, know more about musical instruments than humble old me, it’s not like I have decades of experience playing the tissue box with different sized rubber bands wrapped around it or anything any hiney I’ll let you get back to dingler xoxo mwah

Bitch I play flute and baritone saxophone…go back for another 20 years and learn the instruments….

please darling!!! I have already mastered every instrument that has ever been invented, including instruments that are not yet available my uncle works at Instrument Invention HQ in Rome and he gives me exclusive early access!!! you ever heard of the guitrumpetar? didn’t think so…… I’m already a world class player and all you do is blow into tubes stay salty love

Is everyone just going to ignore the fact that those are clearly geese?

Those are obviously mallard ducks


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